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Press Releases

Recognized as one of the premier mortgage brokerage companies in New York, NY URBAN maintains relationships with regional savings banks, commercial banks, bridge and mezzanine finance lenders, national life insurance companies, and Wall Street conduits. With these associations, NY URBAN will obtain for the client loan proposals from the foremost lending sources in the country and deliver the most competitive rates and terms.

Through our extensive relationships, NY URBAN has been successful procuring financing for many of the prominent real estate organizations throughout the country.


As commercial mortgage servicer, employees of NY URBAN are dedicated to assisting and advising both the lender and borrower with post-closing items such as:

  • P&I processing

  • Tax processing

  • Insurance review

  • Escrow analysis

  • Subordination and non-disturbance agreements

  • Tenant estoppel certificates

  • Lease reviews

  • Prepayment calculations

  • Secondary financing requests

  • Insurance review & monitoring

  • Annual site inspections

The servicing department maintains a high level of professionalism to ensure that each loan is serviced accurately, consistently and in accordance with the loan documents. Following the loan closing, each transaction is monitored by NY URBAN‘s state-of-the-art servicing software program, REALSynergy.

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